Russia bans 287 British MPs from entering its territory

Today, Wednesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Russia has imposed personal restrictions on 287 members of the British parliament and barred them from entering the country, accusing them of fueling “unwarranted hysteria” against Russia.

The ministry said the sanctions imposed on members of the House of Commons have arrived in response to Britain’s imposition of similar restrictions on 386 members of the Russian parliament on 11 March.

The British House of Commons, the camera low-lying Parliament of the United Kingdom, it has a total of 650 members.

Moscow’s decision arrives in one moment in to which the British Prime Minister said on Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin had sufficient “political space” to end the invasion of Ukraine by his forces, in it starts thanks to Moscow’s tight control within its borders over the war.

“Given the massive Russian support for what it is doing and the clear omission in the media Russians about what’s really going on in Ukraine… the irony is that Putin has a lot of political space to back down, ”Johnson told Talk TV.

Russia defines its war in Ukraine a “special military operation” and passed laws that threaten imprisonment for anyone who spreads the news false about the events there.

As a result, Johnson added, Putin could announce to the Russian people that the operation he had started in Ukraine was “complete” and “technically successful”.

Russia constantly warns of the possibility of conflict in Ukraine transforms in a nuclear war, with the West continuing to send ever higher quality weapons to the Ukrainian army.

Johnson stressed that the West did not need to make concessions despite the nuclear threat.

In a related context, the UK Defense Ministry said today Wednesday that Ukraine still controls most of its airspace, adding that Russia has failed to effectively destroy the country’s aviation or curb its defenses. aerial.

“Russia has very limited air access to northern and western Ukraine, which limits operations offensive to attacks in depth “with ranged weapons, he added on Twitter.

“Russian air activity is mainly concentrated in southern and eastern Ukraine and provides support to Russian ground forces,” the ministry said. in a regular bulletin.

In its daily update, British military intelligence said Russia continues to target Ukrainian military assets and logistics infrastructure nationwide.

He noted the high risk of civilian casualties, saying that most of the Russian air strikes in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol were likely using unguided bombs.

“These weapons reduce Russia’s ability to effectively distinguish when attacks are launched, increasing the risk of civilian casualties,” he said.

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