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Russia begins production of a ‘auto from the Soviet era in a former Renault factory

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia plans to start producing the Soviet-era Moskvich in December, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said, more than six months after French carmaker Renault left Russia, paving the way for return. ofauto vintage.

Renault sold the majority stake in the automaker AvtoVAZ to the Russian state for one ruble ($ 0.0165), but with a repurchase option after six years.

The Russian state institution itself quickly bought the asset of Nissan this month for one euro.

“The automotive sector has suffered a sharp decline quest’year, but despite this, I hope that we will be able to inaugurate the Moskvich plant in December with the help of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, “said Sobyanin from the Russian news agency Interfax.

The Moskvich plant said today, Thursday, it hopes to produce around 600 auto quest’year, including 200 electric vehicles and 50,000 auto in 2023.

The Moscow mayor’s office and KAMAZ, Russia’s largest truck manufacturer, agreed in August to invest 5 billion rubles in the Moskvich plant.

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