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Russia… begins testing a new nuclear submarine in the White Sea

The multi-purpose nuclear submarine Krasnoyarsk has sailed from the Russian Sivmash basin as part of the final tests that it will undergo in the White Sea.

This was announced by the director of the laboratory in which the submarine was built, Mikhail Podnichitko, saying that the laboratory completed testing of the submarine at the end of June last year, and now the tests will take place in the presence of specialists from the Russian Navy and specialists from the Malachite Maritime Department in St. Submarine.

It is noteworthy that “Krasnoyarsk” is the second submarine of the above project, which was built in series. Its construction began in 2014, and on July 30, 2021 it will go down to the sea.

The first submarine of this project, the Kazan submarine, was handed over to the Russian Navy on May 7, 2021.

And the Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta reported that the Kazan submarine sank at a depth of 600 meters in the area between the Barents Sea and Norway, which is considered the deepest depth to which it can sink.

It is noteworthy that the submarines of this project are armed with Omex and Caliber cruise missiles, with a speed of 31 knots under water and 16 knots on the surface of the water, with a crew of 90 people. The submarine can stay at sea for 100 days.

Source: Russian newspaper


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