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Russia builds new warships for India

The Russian shipyard Yantar reported that work is underway in its workshops to build new warships for the Indian army.

On this occasion, the general director of the plant, Ilya Samarin, said: “The first military frigate built at our plant for the Indian army according to project 11356 is supposed to be transferred to India next year.

He added: “Our plans are currently focused on delivering this ship to India next year. Currently, the ship is being prepared for dock testing, and before being handed over to the customer, it will undergo several tests.”

Russia signed contracts with India in 2016 to develop two ships in the interests of the Indian Army under Project 11356, and in 2018 additional contracts were signed to supply India with four more ships of the same class, as well as to develop the first ship began in 2013 and was launched last year, is currently being developed in Russia.

The ships being developed by Russia under Project 11356 have a hull length of 124.8 m, a width of 15.2 m, and a displacement equivalent to 4,035 tons. These ships reach speeds of up to 30 knots and cover 4,850 nautical miles in each mission, in addition to being equipped with platforms for transporting helicopters. KA-27 and Russian Ka-31.

Source: Weapons of Russia


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