Russia completes modernization of strategic bomber "Tu-95 "

The Russian United Aircraft Corporation reported that the Tu-95MSN strategic bomber, which has undergone a deep modernization process, has made a new test flight.

It indicated that the Tupolev and Periev companies took up the modernization of the bomber.

The company added that during the test flight, the readiness of various devices and systems of the aircraft under development was confirmed.

It is noteworthy that the Tu-95MSM is a project for a deep modernization of a Soviet-made strategic aircraft, and in the process of upgrading the aircraft, it was necessary to replace engines, fans, electronic devices, and a navigation system.

The changes also affected the external appearance of the aircraft, as new suspensions appeared under the wings, in which 8 Xa-101 cruise missiles or 8 nuclear missiles were installed. There are 6 more missiles that can be placed inside the fuselage.

Source: Russian newspaper