Russia deliberately caused the gas crisis in Europe?

The Director General of the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol, has entered the gas crisis in Europe, accusing Russia of reducing its exports to the old continent in one moment in which geopolitical tensions are increasing in a position that is understood as accusing Moscow of fabricating an energy crisis for political reasons.

Birol said the International Energy Agency estimates that Russia could increase its exports to Europe by at least a third.

Birol’s comments are based on the fact that Russia’s Gazprom has cut its gas exports in Europe by 25% in the fourth quarter of 2021 on an annual basis.

Birol points out that Russia keeps stock levels low in its storage facilities on the European continent, in so as to create the impression that gas supplies are insufficient.

According to the International Energy Agency, Gazprom’s storage facilities in Europe account for half of the shortage of European stocks, while they represent only 10% of the continent’s storage capacity.

Carol Nakhle, CEO of Kristol Energy, said Russian gas supplies to Europe have fallen from pre-Crown levels.

He explained that Russia wants to achieve many goals from the energy crisis in Europe and proves to be a major player and to compete with America with Nord Stream 2.

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