Russia denies die Involved in a cyber attack on a US fuel network

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has denied any involvement in Moscow Cyber ​​attack on the US fuel network, What die Paralyzed supply in the eastern United States.

As answer to die Statement from US President Joe Biden that “the virus program associated with the attack may be in Russia is taking place, “he said,” Russia has nothing to do with this attack. “

In response to a question about Moscow’s readiness to work with Washington in To interact with this question, he added, “The United States refuses to cooperate in the fight against cybercrime.”

Biden previously announced: “Currently has die US intelligence community no Proofs for die Russian participation in the attack On the Colonial Pipeline Operator. “

He pointed out that “criminal elements, die Cross borders, not a specific country behind the cyberattack “.

American company Colonial Pipeline announced last Saturday that it had been “attacked” by the ransomware virus, indicating that it was “due to the attack.” die Pipeline work “has been suspended” to fuel 45% of the population on the US East Coast.

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