Russia descends into the waters of a ship with missiles "Caliber" winged

The press service of the Russian Defense Ministry announced the launch of a new missile ship designed for the army.

“On Friday, December 9, a ceremony dedicated to the launch of the Naro-Fominsk missile ship took place at the Gorky Plant in Zelenodolsk,” the ministry said in a statement.

The report indicated that the Naro-Fominsk is the No. 11 missile ship of the Buyan-M ships, which Russia is developing for its army as part of state project 21631, and that work is underway to manufacture several ships of this class also for the benefit of the Russian army.

According to available information, specialists will complete the equipping of the ship with the necessary equipment, conduct a series of tests, and in 2023 it should be transferred to the Baltic Fleet.

Each of the Russian ships “Buyan-M” has a length of 75 meters, a width of 11 meters, a displacement of 949 tons, a crew capacity of 52 people, a speed of 25 nautical knots, and 2,500 nautical miles in one flight.

These ships are armed with Caliber high-precision cruise missiles, 100-mm A-190 cannons, Igla anti-aircraft systems, anti-aircraft and anti-ship machine guns.

Source: Weapons of Russia