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Russia discusses the dangers of the “dirty bomb” with Britain and America

On Monday, Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov had a telephone conversation with his US counterpart, General Mark Milley, on the issue of the “dirty bomb”, which Moscow says the Ukrainian army is preparing to use, while Kiev rejects with force this accusation.

It is the first consultation between the Russian and US chiefs of staff on the conflict in Ukraine from May 19.

The Russian Defense Ministry also announced earlier Monday that Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov had had telephone conversations with his British counterpart, Tony Radakin, during which they discussed the possibility of Kiev using a “dirty bomb.” “.

For his part, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had a telephone conversation with his British counterpart Ben Wallace and informed him of Russia’s concern over possible Kiev provocations, which could detonate a “dirty bomb” in its territory. and accuse Russia of inciting international counter-community action, while Wallace confirmed that Ukraine will not progress towards escalation.

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Shoigu also named his counterparts in France and Turkey, expressing their concerns to them about possible provocations from Kiev, and discussed the situation in Ukraine with its American counterpart Lloyd Austin.

The dirty bomb was designed to contaminate a vast area with radioactive materials, making it dangerous to civilians, but it does not result in a nuclear explosion, according to the AFP.

They are a mixture of explosives, such as dynamite, with radioactive powder or shot. When dynamite or other explosives are detonated, the explosion carries radioactive material over a vast area.

Since the launch of the Russian military operation on Ukrainian territory on February 24, fears have increased that the conflict will expand and transform in dangerous turns, especially after Russian President Vladimir Putin hinted at the possibility of using the atomic bomb in a televised speech on September 21.

At the time, he said he was ready to use “all means” in his arsenal against the West if a threat to his country’s security and territory was touched, a sign that many Western experts have interpreted as referring to tactical nuclear weapons.

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