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Russia does not approve the resolution on biological laboratories in Ukraine

The United Nations Security Council on Wednesday rejected a draft resolution drafted by Russia calling for an investigation into its allegations of Washington’s involvement in the development of biological weapons in Ukraine.

Last week, Russia formally asked the United Nations to investigate these allegations, which have been repeated regularly by Moscow since the beginning of its invasion of Ukraine.

The draft resolution, after being put to the vote, received the support of Russia and China, while France, the United States and Great Britain voted against, and the ten non-permanent members of the Council abstained from voting.

The draft resolution provided for “the establishment of a committee composed of all members of the United Nations Security Council to investigate the allegations against the United States and Ukraine” in their obligations under the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Storage of Biological Substances Weapons.

Russian Deputy Ambassador Dmitry Polyansky expressed his regret over the result of the vote, stating that “Western countries have shown in any way the law doesn’t apply to them. “

He added: “This is a familiar colonial mentality that we are used to and we were not surprised by it,” vowing to raise this issue at the Biological Weapons Convention Review Conference, which will be held from 28 November to 16 December in Geneva.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield replied that “the United States voted against this resolution because it was based on disinformation, deception, bad faith and total disrespect” for the Security Council.

He added that this decision was a “cornerstone of Russia’s deceptions and lies” and that “no one but China believes in it”.

Last week, the US and Ukraine flatly rejected the Russian accusations, which the Americans described as “pure fabrication”.

Adeje Ibo, Deputy High Representative in charge of disarmament issues at the United Nations, said that the latter “are not aware of the existence of a biological weapons program”, noting that the United Nations does not have the mandate or the ” technical skills “to investigate the allegation.

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