Russia grants a week off to stop the spread of the Crown

Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to grant a week’s vacation in Russia to stop the spread of the Crown.

On Wednesday, Russia recorded a new number record of Corona virus-related deaths in the past 24 hours, at the height of a powerful epidemic wave that forced the Kremlin to take in consider measures at national level to stop the spread of the epidemic.

The number of deaths in the past 24 hours has reached 1,028 deaths due to the Corona virus, a number record, according to government data, which counted 34,073 new infections.

In recent days, Russia has registered a number almost daily record of infections and deaths from Covid at the height of the epidemic, due to the slowness of vaccinations and the weak health restrictions imposed.

On the indication of the Kremlin’s concern, Putin will chair a government meeting dedicated to the epidemic on Wednesday, at the end of which new measures could be announced to stop the spread of the virus.

On Tuesday, Russian Deputy Prime Minister in charge of health affairs, Tatiana Golikova, called for the week from 30 October to 7 November to be declared a public holiday. in all over the country.

And Putin has already announced similar holidays with the aim of limiting the movement of people and thus stopping the spread of the virus. These advertised short periods of inactivity have sometimes been extended to long weeks.

Putin has long favored this measure aimed at limiting the movement of people and thus stopping the spread of the virus rather than imposing a blockade on people, an unpopular measure that could curb the fragile economic recovery.

But it seems that the Kremlin, which until now has left the regions the freedom to adopt their own health measures, has finally agreed to the need to act in the face of the deteriorating epidemiological situation.

slow pollination

Russia is the European country most affected by the epidemic, with around 230,000 deaths, according to the government budget. But this number could be greatly underestimated, as the national statistics agency, Rosstat, reported more than 400,000 deaths at the end of August.

Faced with this reality, the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin announced on Tuesday that “the number of people hospitalized with serious cases is also growing every day” and has ordered “urgent measures” to protect the most vulnerable, especially the elderly.

Thus, the authorities of the Russian capital have established that 80% of service workers should be vaccinated, compared to the current 60%, by January 1, 2022, in addition to the quarantine of all those who are over sixty without receiving the vaccine between October 25 and February 25. February, teleworking for “at least 30%” of company employees.

But for a number of experts, the real battle against the virus lies in vaccinations, as Russia still is in delay in this field, although it was one of the first countries to develop a vaccine against Covid-19, according to the AFP.

In fact, about a third of Russia’s population of about 144 million people have received the vaccine completely, according to the site web Zhugov, which is a daily toll, because most of the population is still suspicious of the vaccines being made in home.

In independent opinion polls, more than half of Russians do not intend to receive the vaccine.

Faced with this situation, the Kremlin’s patience seems to run out. On Tuesday, his spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, called on the Russians to be “more reasonable” and get the vaccine.

“We have a habit of holding the state responsible for everything, but at the same time the attitude of the citizens of the country should be more responsible,” Peskov said.

Faced with the reluctance of the population to receive the vaccine despite the renewed spread of the epidemic, several regions have re-imposed the obligation to present a health certificate to enter public places. As for the obligation to wear a mask in some public places, such as public transport, are not fully respected.

St. Petersburg, the second largest city in the country, announced on Monday that it is mandatory to present this health certificate starting November 1, to be able to attend sports matches or cultural events with more than 40 people, and from December 1, to enter in restaurants and shops.

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