Russia has the largest grape genetic database in the world

The head of the research center of the Russian Kurchatov Institute, Mikhail Kovalchuk, said that Russia has the largest genetic database of grapes in the world.

On this occasion, Kovalchuk said during the events of the first Russian forum of the wine industry: “During the year, the specialists of our center were able to decipher the genetic sequences of more than 200 grape varieties, and now we have the largest grape genetic database in the world.”

He added: “The use of genetic data allows us to quickly conduct scientific tests. For example, we can find out if a particular variety is frost-resistant, and that testing new grape varieties no longer takes 15 years, as it used to. the duration has become shorter, but this requires several years of research work.

The events of the first Russian forum of the wine industry will be held in the Russian capital Moscow from November 24 to 25 in the presence of representatives of the Russian government and representatives of Russian industrial and commercial institutions and scientific centers. The conference will discuss issues of strengthening the efforts of the Russian wine market and shaping the future of the local industry, issues of wine quality control and training to improve the industry, as well as market development prospects in a changing economic and geopolitical environment.

Source: TASS