Russia intends to complete the fast neutron nuclear reactor project by 2026

On January 18, Russia achieved great success when it managed to install a fast neutron nuclear reactor at the experimental site of the Nyar Science Center in the Ulyanovsk region of Russia.

The goal of the project is to strengthen Russia’s leading position in the global nuclear industry, ensure Russia’s energy security and accelerate the country’s large-scale technological progress.

It is noteworthy that the fourth-generation multitasking test reactor, as the world’s most powerful fast neutron nuclear reactor, is being built in Russia as part of the implementation of the program “Development of technologies and technologies in the field of the use of atomic energy in Russia.”

The reactor vessel was manufactured by the Russian enterprise Atommash in Volgodonsk and transported ahead of schedule to the Ulyanovsk region of Russia.

The unique reactor was 12 meters long, 4 meters in diameter and weighed 83 tons.

The site of the Scientific Center, where the reactor is installed, occupies an area of ​​14 hectares, 53 scientific infrastructure facilities will be distributed on it. The complex is considered a new page in the history of the development of Soviet and Russian civil nuclear energy, since the fast neutron reactor does not leave radioactive waste that could pollute the environment, but completely processes it and returns it to electricity. power generation process is almost 100%. The new reactor also 100% eliminates the occurrence of any nuclear accidents.

It is assumed that the experimental fast neutron nuclear reactor will replace the Pur-60 reactor, which has been operating in the city of Dmitrovograd in the Ulyanovsk region of Russia for 50 years.

Source: TASS