Russia.. Invent a new way to destroy tumor cells in the brain

Scientists from the Institute of Biology and Biomedicine of the Lobachevsky University of Russia in Nizhny Novgorod offer a new way to destroy brain tumor cells and help determine the required dose of radiation.

According to the press service of the university, “scientists from the Institute of Biology and Biomedicine are working on creating a drug capable of destroying brain tumor cells without affecting its functions. This drug excludes the use of direct photodynamic therapy in the treatment of glial lesions of the brain. tumors are the most common.

The researchers note that the results of a study of neuronal cell cultures showed that photodynamic therapy of gliomas using porphyrazine optical agents also destroys the tumor and neural networks, leading to loss of brain function.

“We used different concentrations of light sufficient to destroy tumors. But it turned out that these concentrations also lead to the death of neural networks. Therefore, we had to uncover this problem, publish the results and continue the search for new ways to treat tumors,” says Victoria Turobanova, researcher laboratory worker at the Institute of Neurology, Glial University.

The researcher points out that photovoltaic agents could be used to kill cancer cells in the lab, which would form the basis of a vaccine to treat brain tumors. Porphyrazine can also be used in the treatment of other types of tumors that differ in origin and metabolism from cells of the nervous system. In addition, photosensitizers help to destroy the tumor and determine the required dose of radiation.

According to Victoria Turobanova, various methods are used in the treatment of cancerous tumors, most of which have side effects: “Therefore, we are working on the immune death of cancer cells, which includes the use of the body’s natural forces to fight tumors, excluding chemotherapy. and radiation. Our next task is to create and test a vaccine against gliomas in laboratory animals.

Source: TASS