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Russia is developing a coastal missile launcher "you’ll" hypersonic

The Russian defense industry has developed a self-propelled platform from which a Zircon hypersonic missile is launched into a coastal ground platform, knowing that the Zircon is a sea-based missile.

This was stated by a source close to the Russian Ministry of Defense, and added that a prototype of the Tyrkon ground-based missile platform is ready. The platform will carry two missiles, as will the Bastion coastal missile platform.

According to the source, the new Zircon self-propelled platform is a four-axle platform (8 wheels), like the Bastion coastal platform. So far, TASS has not confirmed this information.

It is noteworthy that earlier the Russian news agency TASS reported that specialists from the Russian Ministry of Defense are working on the creation of the Tsirkon coastal hypersonic missile system, which will be able to hit both ground and ground targets.

It is worth noting that the Zircon hypersonic ship missile with a speed of 10,000 km/h was previously tested on the modern Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov and the Severodvinsk submarine.

Source: Russian newspaper


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