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Russia is developing a unique civil aircraft

The Russian company Ecolibri has announced that it is working on a prototype winged civil aircraft capable of vertical takeoff and landing.

The company’s announcement reads: “Our company’s specialists have started developing the first Russian civil aircraft with wings and vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. Currently, the first stage of development of aircraft structures in accordance with current aviation standards is being completed. , and testing of the systems of this aircraft model is carried out individually.

The statement states that the new aircraft will be equipped with hybrid propulsion systems, and its vertical takeoff and landing will also depend on electric motors developed by Ecolibri specialists.

The statement added: “This product, unlike traditional helicopters, will not have complex mechanisms such as shift panels or gearboxes, which will reduce the cost of production, and most importantly, the new aircraft will be made from Russian-made components, and will be more efficient. for use and transport than conventional helicopters. Its large wings will give it excellent dynamic performance.”

For his part, Alexei Rogozin, head of the Ecolibri Scientific and Technical Council, said: “The new aircraft will be able to cover a distance of approximately 1,200 km in one flight, and will fly at a speed of 270 km/h.

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