Russia is developing new civil aircraft with domestic components

The Russian company “Rostec” reported that the country’s specialists are working on the creation of a new civil aircraft, fully assembled from components of domestic production.

On this occasion, the Executive Director of the Corporation, Oleg Yevtushenko, said: “The process of production of new civil Tu-214 aircraft has begun, which will be transferred to commercial airlines in 2023, and the Kazan Aviation Plant has begun this process. increase the production of this type of aircraft in accordance with the established plans.

He added: “The new Tu-214 aircraft are made from all-Russian components, and are also equipped with Russian PS-90A engines. It is assumed that the Kazan Aviation Plant will supply the Russian company Aeroflot with 339 new aircraft, including 40 Tu. -214 aircraft.

In September last year, the Russian company Aeroflot signed contracts worth more than one trillion rubles for 339 new Russian-made civil aircraft until 2030, it is planned to receive 210 MS-21 aircraft and 40 Tu-214 aircraft. purchase 89 SSJ New aircraft.

Source: Weapons of Russia