Russia is testing a new military icebreaker

The military service of the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the start of a new stage of sea trials of a new military icebreaker.

“The new diesel-electric military icebreaker Yevpatiy Kolovrat recently went to sea to pass a new stage of state tests,” the service said in a statement.

The statement added: “The ship will be tested by forces that are part of the Russian Baltic Fleet, experts and specialists in the field of the military industry, and during the tests the technical characteristics of the ship, the navigation and communication systems in it will be checked. , and life support systems on the ship, propulsion systems and propulsion systems will be tested by Svoya.

The Russian company Almaz began developing this ship in 2018 as part of the state project 21180M, launched it for the first time in 2020 and designed it to work as a cargo, auxiliary and military supply ship capable of operating in frozen waters, and can also work as a mechanism for towing and assisting other ships in an emergency.

The ships being developed by Russia under project 21180M have a hull 82 m long and 19 m wide. These ships can move at a speed of 14 knots, carry a crew of 28 people, operate for 30 days, cover a distance of 7,600 nautical miles. miles per mission. Equipped with platforms for transporting helicopters.

Source: Weapons of Russia