Russia is testing a new missile ship armament

The press service of the Russian Defense Ministry reported that on one of the new missile ships being developed for the army, weapons systems have recently been tested.

The report from the service said: “The new missile ship ‘Buyan-M Grad’, being developed for the Baltic Fleet, has recently undergone live firing. Tests were carried out in the Baltic Sea, during which the crew and technicians fired 100 rounds of .-caliber cannons.” mm and 30 mm anti-aircraft guns.

The statement added: “As part of the tests, the ship’s crew will soon have to conduct a series of experiments to test the ship’s capabilities to combat air targets, for which training drones belonging to the Baltic Fleet will be involved. is used, and in addition to these tests, the crew of the ship with specialists also checks the operation of the ship. “And its seaworthiness and maneuverability on the water, and ensuring the mechanism of action of propulsion systems and guidance and navigation systems in this.

The Buyan-M ships are missile ships of the Russian army, each is 75 meters long, 11 meters wide, has a displacement of 949 tons, a crew of 52 people, and a speed of 25 nautical miles. knots and cover 2500 nautical miles in each mission.

These ships are armed with Caliber cruise missiles, 100-mm cannons, Igla anti-aircraft missiles, anti-aircraft and anti-ship machine guns.

Source: Weapons of Russia