Russia is testing the latest missile ships

The press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the start of a new stage of testing one of the latest warships designed for the army.

The statement of the service dated December 26 says: “The Admiral Golovko frigate has begun the second stage of sea trials in the Baltic Sea. During this stage, the ship’s crew and specialists will check the operation of the ship’s artillery and anti-aircraft systems, as well as make sure that the wireless systems work, as well as communication systems.

The statement indicated that the aforementioned ship conducted the first stage of sea trials earlier this month, during which experts tested its ability to maneuver on the water, as well as checked the operation of the engines and power systems with which it was equipped.

Russia began development of the Admiral Golovko in 2012, which became the third ship developed under the state project 22350, and launched it for the first time in 2020.

This ship has a length of 135 m, a width of 16 m and a displacement equivalent to 5400 tons. It can reach a speed of 29 knots, cover a distance of up to 4500 nautical miles per voyage and carry a crew of up to 190 people.

Its weapon system includes Russian long-range Caliber cruise missiles, A-192 130-mm guns, the Redot anti-aircraft missile system, electronic anti-submarine systems, missile systems against land and sea targets, as well as platforms for deploying Russian helicopters Ka- 27PL.

Source: Weapons of Russia