Russia is testing the newest submarine "Black hole"

The press service of the Russian Defense Ministry announced the start of a new stage of testing the Ufa submarine, which belongs to the Varshavyanka class of submarines, known as the Black Hole.

“During the tests, the submarine managed to dive to a depth of 190 meters under the surface of the water in the naval areas of the Russian Baltic Fleet,” the ministry said in a statement.

The statement added: “During the dive, the Ufa crew checked the mechanism of operation of all systems and mechanisms of the submarine and developed electronic algorithms for their operation so that they work in different modes when diving and surfacing to the surface of the submarine. water. Baltic Sea”.

Ufa is the fourth Varshavyanka-class submarine being developed by Russia as part of Project 636 for the Pacific Fleet as part of its army. Work on the creation of this submarine began in 2019, and several Russian submarines are currently being developed as part of the project. of the aforementioned project, such as the Mogaisk and Yakutsk submarines.

The danger of these Project 636 submarines is that they emit very low noise levels compared to other diesel-powered submarines, and are covered in special materials that are difficult to detect by the enemy, which led some to call them a “black hole”. “. submarines”.

Source: Weapons of Russia