Russia: Japan’s return to “unbridled militarism” will raise new security challenges

The Russian Foreign Ministry said Japan – having adopted a new defense strategy – was now on the path to an unprecedented mobilization of military force, warning that its return to “unbridled militarism” will inevitably raise new security challenges in the Asia-Pacific region.

He also confirmed that Japan had already embarked on an “unprecedented” buildup of its military power, including the acquisition of massive capabilities. This comes after Tokyo last week announced a new defense policy unprecedented since World War II, which includes allocating $320 billion to bolster its military capabilities and provide missiles. in capable of hitting China. The new defense policy document describes neighboring China as an unprecedented strategic challenge and describes Russia as a source of concern for Japanese national security.

The new amendments include the right for Japanese forces to launch “counterattacks” against countries they consider hostile, under three conditions: that the threat is unavoidable to Japan or a friendly country, that there is no other way to avoid attacks, and that the response is as low as possible.

The new strategy also stresses that Japan’s current capabilities to drop potential missiles on the country’s territory are not effective enough and that any pre-emptive strike on an enemy country “cannot be permitted” under the constitution. The amendments also provide for the defense budget to double over the next five years to make up 2% of gross domestic product, thus exceeding the 1% rate which is the ceiling on defense spending that Japan has adopted since 1976 With this new defense strategy, Japan concludes decades by adopting a policy of peaceful coexistence and a commitment not to have a military force, which is the policy adopted by Tokyo due to its history in World War II and the devastation it caused in the world.