Russia: Our economy is stable and Washington will not achieve its goals by imposing sanctions on us

The Russian embassy in Washington has said that imposing new sanctions against Russia will be counterproductive and will not allow the American side to achieve its goals.

In a statement, the embassy noted that the improvement in the ruble exchange rate indicates the stability of the financial sector and the economy. in Russia.

The embassy added: “We have taken note of the statements by US officials about possible plans to tighten sanctions against our country. We recommend to ruling circles in America to direct their tireless energies to solve problems in the United States itself. “

And the site web of the channel “RT Arabiya” cited the embassy’s statement that “local officials in the United States recognize that anti-Russian sanctions in the energy sector will lead to instability in the hydrocarbon market and increase the value of fuel”.

The Russian embassy has called on the US side to drop a tale “sterile path” which could lead to negative results.

The embassy stressed that Russia “will continue to carry out the tasks envisaged in the special military operation” in Ukraine.