Russia: Our Military Movements in near Ukraine do not threaten anyone

The Kremlin said today, Monday that Russian military movements in The proximity of the common border with Ukraine poses no threat to Kiev or anyone else, adding that Russia moves its forces within the country at its own discretion.

NATO last week voiced its concern over what it calls the “great Russian military build-up” in near eastern Ukraine after Russia warned that the conflict could escalate dangerously in the Ukrainian Donbass region die Ukraine could “destroy”.

Today, Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters in a conference call that Russia “always cares about its security”.

This happened when the Foreign Minister of the European Union, Josep Borrell, on Sunday die EU “solid” support for die Ukraine and confirmed its concern about die expressed recent moves by the Russian armed forces.

“We are following with great concern die military activity of Russia “on the borders of Ukraine, wrote Borrell on Twitter after a telephone conversation with the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuliba, stressing”die The European Union’s unwavering support for die Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity of Ukraine “.

Borrell said he will meet with the Foreign Minister of Ukraine and the Foreign Ministers of the 27 EU countries this April.

Ukraine this week accused Russia of withdrawing its armed forces on the northern and eastern borders and on the Crimean peninsula, die Moscow annexed in 2014, to assemble. The Kremlin denied die Recent movements of his armed forces did not, however, stressed that they “do not threaten” anyone. “

Germany and France, die leading intermediaries are in order die Defusing tensions between Russia and Ukraine on Saturday called for “restraint” and “immediate de-escalation” between the two countries, voicing their “concerns about.” die increasing number of ceasefire violations “.

According to a joint statement by the foreign ministries of both countries. Germany and France reiterated their “support for die Sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine “and expressed their” concern about die increasing number of ceasefire violations after themselves die location in which had stabilized eastern Ukraine since July 2020 “.

Germany and France demanded “die Parties to exercise restraint and move forward with an immediate de-escalation, “and found that they die Follow situation “with great caution, in particular die Movements of the Russian Armed Forces “.

Ukrainian and American officials have in the last few days her concern over die Expressed arrival of thousands of Russian troops and equipment on the Russian-Ukrainian borders.

US President Joe Biden had previously promised Kiev to “steadfastly” support Russia in the face of “aggression” die Despite Moscow’s refusal, is considered the military godmother of the separatists.

For its part, the Kremlin stressed that “Russia is not threatening anyone” and went through “intensified provocations” die ukrainian army for die Aggravating the situation responsible.

On Friday, the Russian military announced military exercises with which die Defense against a drone attack in an area in near Ukraine is to be simulated.

This war, which killed more than 13,000 people, began in 2014 after a pro-Western uprising in Kiev, followed by Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula.

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