Russia produces new boats using an airbag

The Khabarovsk shipyard in the Far East of Russia plans to produce project 12061 Morena hovercraft.

The plant will start implementing this project this year. This was stated by the chief engineer of the plant, Sergei Korolev, in an interview with the Vesti Khabarovsk TV channel. He said that it was the plant’s specialists who initiated the revival of this project in Russia and presented the technical design of the amphibious assault ship controlled by the Morina model airbag.

He explained that Russia has not yet witnessed the construction of such a unique ship. 8 Morina hovercraft built in the Soviet Union were destroyed.

It is noteworthy that the Morena landing craft, operating with airbags, is designed for sea landing on an unequipped beach. The boat moves at a speed of 55 knots, and its crew is 12 people.

The boat can stay at sea without refueling for 24 hours, can carry one or two BMP tanks or 130 sailors on board. The boat is equipped with cannons and grenade launchers.

Source: Vesti Khabarovsk