Russia promises to publish documents indicting Britain for “Bucha play”

With the entrance in vigor of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, today, Saturday, the Russian-Western debates on the bloody events that took place in the town of Bucha, near the Ukrainian capital, took a new turn after indications of a role played by British intelligence emerged. in what have been described as “fabrication” images with the aim of “promoting a war crime”. The Kremlin has pledged to publish documents confirming the Russian point of view.

Coinciding with the escalation of the dispute in West on establishing a mechanism to document what are described as committed “war crimes” in Ukraine and establish standard for investigations, Moscow leaked data yesterday that i media state officials said Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko had succumbed to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin after the controversy broke out on this issue.

The data indicated, as reported by the newspaper “Al-Sharq al-Awsat”, that the Belarusian special services would monitor them and deliver the documents to the Russian side. Against the Russian military who committed war atrocities.

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was asked about this issue and whether it had been discussed in detail during recent talks between Putin and Lukashenko, and replied that “the file was obviously present, the two leaders touched it” and pledged to publish “information on those involved in the Ukrainian Bucha events. Peskov added: “This is well known and enough details will emerge about (what was promoted) absolute fiction and traced scenes.”

The Russian president had defined “false”the news released on the killing of civilians in the village of Bucha and two days ago in press conference stated that Lukashenko had handed him the documents on this incident, adding that these documents “were handed over to the Federal Security Service, and contain information on who organized this provocation, how it happened and the means of transport that was used to make it “.

In the same context, the Russian Foreign Ministry said yesterday that it had summoned the British ambassador in Russia, Deborah Brunert, and for having strongly protested against the new British sanctions against the media Russians. The ministry said in a statement that Russia will continue to respond “hard and resolute” to all sanctions imposed by London.

Britain has imposed sanctions on journalists and organizations of the media in early May, in the latest package of measures aimed at increasing pressure on Moscow.

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