Russia..Sechenov Medical University scientists have created nanoparticles for the treatment of cancer and hepatitis B

The information bureau of the Sechenov Medical University reported that scientists have created nanoparticles that can treat cancer, hepatitis B and genetic diseases.

“Scientists at Sechenov University have created nanoparticles that can treat hepatitis B, cancer, and genetic diseases. The development of a drug for the treatment of hepatitis B, initiated by university scientists, has reached the finish line. Scientists are the first to create an efficient drug delivery method using the CRISPR / Cas system, ”the agency said in a statement. – It’s called “genetic scissors” – into an infected cell. This has been achieved with the help of biological nanoparticles. There are no analogues to this. method in the world yet.

According to Dmitry Kostyushov, director of the laboratory of genetic technologies, this is a common method. That is, they can be used in addition to the treatment of hepatitis B in the treatment of genetic diseases, infectious diseases and cancer.

According to the creators, when using nanoparticles for five days, the replication of the hepatitis B virus decreased by 90-99 percent. When tested on cell cultures, the delivery of nanoparticles to target cells increased 10-fold, and in animal models, more than 80 percent of their delivery to the liver, brain, and tumors accumulated in target organs.

Source: TASS