Russia takes its revenge after the massacre of soldiers. 4 “HIMARS” missile launchers destroyed and “foreign mercenaries” killed

On a new day in its 11th month, the Russian military operation in Ukraine continues today, Tuesday, as the two sides of the conflict exchange shelling, as fierce battles unfold on several fronts.

In the latest developments on the ground, Russia has responded to the bombing of a Russian recruiting center in Makivka, east of Donetsk, with several attacks, the most notable of which was the bombing of a military recruiting base, in where there are about 200 Ukrainian soldiers in the Drodjovka area.

And the Russian defense announced that its forces destroyed 4 American-made “HIMARS” missile launchers and eliminated 130 “foreign mercenaries” by airstrikes on their temporary deployment points in Donetsk territory during the day.

According to Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath correspondents, the city of Donetsk and its neighboring districts came under heavy shelling by Ukrainian forces. The Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk left 17 injured and two dead.

The Ukrainian Air Force has announced that the Ukrainian military has shot down around 500 Iranian-made drones since last September.

A spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force confirmed that the air defense forces destroyed all 84 of Russia’s launched drones in its intense attack over the New Year holiday.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has announced that Russia is preparing to step up its attacks against his country using Iranian-made explosive drones.

Moscow is looking for ways to continue its pressure on Kiev after months of setbacks on the ground.

Zelensky said in a speech in conference call Monday evening: “We have information that Russia is planning to launch a sustained strike with Iranian Shahed aircraft.”

He added that Moscow’s goal is to break Ukraine’s resistance by “exhausting our people and our energy,” more than ten months after the invasion began.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is exploring ways to boost confidence in his hitherto limited war effort, damaged in recent months by a Western-supplied weapons-backed Ukrainian counterattack in Kiev, which has drawn criticism in some Russian circles towards the army performance.

In the latest embarrassment for the Kremlin, Ukrainian forces fired missiles at a facility in Donetsk where Russian soldiers were stationed, killing 63. in one of the deadliest attacks on Kremlin forces since the start of the war.

Ukraine’s air defenses, strengthened by Western countries, have made it more difficult for Russian warplanes to carry out missile strikes.

The United States and its allies have entered into a dispute with Iran over Tehran’s role in supplying Moscow with drones.

The US Institute for the studio of the war said Putin is trying to build support for his strategy in Russia.

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