Russia: ‘terrorist attack with explosives’ on journalists in Berlin thwarted

The Russian embassy in the German capital announced that a “terrorist attack with explosives” against journalists of the media Russians and their families in Berlin was thwarted.

Today, Saturday, the RT Arabia channel reported that a suspicious object was found in the building in where the journalists reside and, after investigations, the engineers confirmed that it was an explosive device planted in the building’s mihrab.

Earlier in the day, German police said they were checking a suspicious object found in the offices of the Russian news agency RIA Novosti in Berlin.

Police found an unknown object with a bottle in the lamp post (which allows the light to reach aarea dark) on the scene on Friday and was not in able to tell if it represented a danger.

In a post on the Telegram app, the same agency described the object as a wrapped container in wire and claimed it had been found in the quarters of some of his reporters on the site.

“The forensic specialists are analyzing whether there is a danger or not,” said Berlin police spokesman Thelo Kalbitz.

“We cannot yet determine whether the object is dangerous or not and whether it is a ridiculous joke on someone’s part,” added Calpetz.