Russia tested a new warship armed with missiles "caliber" winged

The press service of the Russian Defense Ministry announced the start of the stage of state testing of a new missile ship being developed for the country’s army.

“The new Buyan-M class missile ship, built for the Baltic Fleet, headed for an external water base owned by the Russian company Kronstadt, and it is supposed to begin the stage of state tests on it there,” the report says. said in the message of the service.

Grad is the tenth missile ship being developed as part of the Russian government project for the army, work on which began in 2017 and was first launched in September 2021.

The Buyan-M ships, being developed by Russia as part of the state project No. 21631, are small multi-purpose warships that can be used as coast guard ships, water structures and the navy on the seas and rivers.

Each of these ships is 74 m long, 11 m wide, and has a displacement of 850 tons. It can carry a crew of up to 52 people, operate for 10 days without supplies and fuel, sail at a speed of 25 knots, and the weapon system includes Russian Caliber cruise missiles. ”, 100-mm guns, anti-aircraft, sea and ground targets.

Source: Weapons of Russia