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Russia..The grave of a Sarmatian warrior with rich funeral gifts was found in the Stavropol Territory

Archaeologists have found in Stavropol the tomb of a Sarmatian warrior over two thousand years old, which contains various interesting artifacts.

This grave was discovered by a group of Moscow University archaeologists led by Doctor of Science Anatoly Kantorovich in September 2022 during excavations at the Novozavidno-V cemetery near the city of Georgievsk, Stavropol Territory.

In this cemetery, scientists found human remains and animal bones that were sacrificed according to certain rituals.

According to scientists, this cemetery was built in the Bronze Age – in the third millennium BC and was used until the early Iron Age, and was expanded several times.

The attention of scientists was attracted by the tomb of the Sarmatian warrior of the nobility, located in the crypt and, according to preliminary estimates, dates back to the end of the second century – the middle of the first century BC.

Scientists have found weapons and equipment for horses in this tomb, indicating his profession during his lifetime. Most of the objects found were made of iron and bronze, and most of them were decorated with gold or silver jewelry.

Experts consider this find unique, as it expresses the Sarmatian civilization, with products made in the handicraft traditions of not only other ancient civilizations of the Caucasus, but also Western Europe, as well as Mongolia and Transbaikalia.

All found artifacts were transferred to the State Museum of the East.

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