Russia..the new electric torpedo ET-1E has been tested on nuclear and diesel submarines

Dmitry Benzorok, deputy chief designer of RAO Region, said that the new electric torpedo ET-1E had passed the necessary tests on nuclear and diesel submarines.

In an interview with the Russian TASS news agency, Benzorok points out that test results have confirmed that it is not dangerous when placed on the vehicles that transport it.

He says: “From the point of view of safety, the ET-1E torpedo meets all safety requirements for placement on tankers. We have confirmed this safety as part of R&D (R & D), and have already tested it in all modes of maritime transport: nuclear submarines and diesel submarines “.

According to him, this torpedo has improved performance.

“As a result, its performance is fully guaranteed: it can be run in the workshop using all modes of operation, ensuring that it looks natural in all track designs, as well as confirming its capabilities,” he says.

Previously, he adds, it was impossible to check the quality of the product in this way before it was put on the conveyor.

Benzorok points out that the new ET-1E torpedo is 1.5 meters shorter than the previous torpedoes, which makes it possible to place various additional equipment on it.

Source: TASS