Russia to NATO: we are not looking for a military option, but we are ready

After NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that the alliance could deploy additional forces to its member states in Eastern Europe if Russia uses force against Ukraine, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said Wednesday. , that relations between Russia and NATO had fallen to a critical low, accusing NATO of ignoring its efforts to ease tensions “raises the risk of conflict.”

“Stopping cooperation is dangerous”

At a press conference by Russian Deputy Defense and Foreign Ministers following talks with NATO in Brussels, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said NATO exercises near Russia’s borders are clear to all, noting that the decision of NATO to stop cooperation with Moscow is dangerous.

He stressed that discussions with NATO today have been deep and there are big differences, noting that he does not allow “any measures that threaten our security”.

“Ready for the military option”

The Russian official said his country is not looking for a military option, “but we are ready”.

Furthermore, Russia has confirmed that NATO has proposed to resume the work of the two diplomatic missions between the two sides, but Moscow has not yet responded to this initiative.

The NATO secretary general confirmed that the alliance could deploy additional forces to its member states in Eastern Europe if Russia uses force against Ukraine.

danger of armed conflict

In a press conference after the end of the talks, he warned of the “real danger of a new armed conflict in Europe “, but said that the alliance” will do everything possible to prevent “such a scenario.

He also said he was dealing with Russia on the basis of dialogue and containment, expressing concern about Russian military formation on Ukraine’s borders and noting that there are large differences with Russia, but expressed his readiness for new talks.

Russia has previously asked for broad reassurances from Washington and its allies, including concrete guarantees that Ukraine will not join NATO.

Tips for reducing risks

However, the new US Ambassador to NATO, Julian Smith, made it clear that his country had made no concessions, but had made proposals to reduce the risks of conflict and to undertake conventional and nuclear disarmament.

Washington also assured Moscow that it does not intend to deploy weapons offensive in Ukraine, but denied having any intention of disarming Europe, according to the European diplomat.

The Ukrainian file is considered a “thorn in the side” of the Russians, who always doubt Kiev’s intentions, while questThe latter is constantly afraid of repeating the experience of the annexation of Crimea (in 2014) and invading its territory, while repeating at the same time that it has absolute freedom to join NATO, which constitutes a great sensitivity for the Kremlin.

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