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Russia transports its dead soldiers in Ukraine in train from Belarus

Russia transports the bodies of its dead soldiers in Ukraine in Belarus, and from there into its territory in train e in airplane, “and always in the dark of night to avoid attracting attention”, according to a video, dated March 1, in to which military ambulances appeared running through the streets of the remote city of Gomel in the far southeast of Belarus. More It is located 300 km from the capital “Minsk”.

Those autoAccording to reports from employees of a clinical hospital in the city of Mazyr, located in the same region as the city of “Gomel”, they have transported a total of at least 2,500 bodies, as of March 13, according to Al-Arabiya.net reported from several sites of media Westerners, citing About the site of a US-funded multilingual radio station, Radio Free Europe is headquartered in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

The radio also quoted a Mazir resident that passengers at the city’s main train station were shocked at the number of dead bodies they saw being loaded onto a train. Radio Free Europe broadcast on its site web that a hospital doctor said the bodies were later loaded onto Russian trains “because someone made a video and broadcast it on the Internet,” as he said.

An official from the No. 4 in the Gomel region had declared on March 1 that the hospital had started evacuating current patients due to the huge number of wounded Russian soldiers who needed to be treated, while a former patient who had been treated in hospital said: “There have been many Russian wounded. ( ) whose moans can be heard in the whole hospital, “he said.

Another doctor described the growing concern among the local population about the possibility of a shortage of daily medicines. in particularly the antidote for a disease they call tetanus, known as “tetanus” in Arab, which is common in soldiers suffering from shrapnel and bullets.

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