Russia warns Europe: if you “turn your arm” you will not get gasoline

Vice-President of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, said that Russia is ready to supply gas to Europe in the quantity stipulated in the contracts, but if the European Union twists its arm and refuses to supply the maintained turbines of the “Northern Stream “pipeline or the launch of the” North Stream 2 “pipeline, will not get the desired quantities.

Medvedev told French channel LCI: “We have never refused to supply gas to Europe. We built the ‘North Stream 2’ gas pipeline and fulfilled all our obligations, but they are the ones who refused and said they didn’t. they do need Russian gas and they won’t be in able to pay “In euros and dollars, since they stopped the correspondence system with our banks. So we decided that the only possibility for us was to use the ruble as a means of payment. That is, these are the results of the war of the sanctions launched by the West. Yes, now we are ready to supply gas in the contracted quantities “.

“If they twist our arm, if they block payment, if they refuse to supply turbines that have been repaired or the launch of the ‘North Stream 2’, it is likely that the volume of the gas supply will not be in the quantities that Western countries. they want”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had announced in previously that if the turbines of the “North Stream-1” pipeline were not returned to Russia, only 30 million cubic meters per day could be pumped through the route instead of 60 million cubic meters, and indicated that A at the end of another “turbine” will be sent for maintenance this month.

The Russian gas giant “Gazprom” announced in precedence that the sanctions imposed by Canada, Great Britain and the European Union, as well as the inconsistency of the current situation with the commitments of “Siemens”, make it impossible to supply turbines to the “Northern Stream Pipeline”.

On 25 July, the Russian company “Gazprom” announced that it would stop the operation of another turbine for “Siemens” at the “Portovaya” pressure station, which is an important plant for the project, noting that the decrease in volume of gas pumped through the “North Stream-1” pipeline will be 33 million cubic meters per day; This is due to the need to send the turbine for scheduled repairs according to the instructions of the Russian technical supervision authority “Rostekhnadzor”, as well as taking into account the technical condition of the engine and the need to comply with safety precautions.