Russia warns: we will not wait forever for the response from the West . and we are ready for any scenario

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov felt that Russia’s relations with the West are “regressing due to negative attitudes” shown by quest’last.

“We have presented a written position on Ukraine and await a written response from the West” in about the security guarantees required by Moscow, Lavrov said in press conference, adding, “We will not wait for the West’s response to security guarantees forever.”

“We reject the West’s strengthening of security at our expense,” Lavrov added, noting that “Western countries will increase the buildup of their forces on our borders.” He also stressed that Russia is “ready for any scenario” in the crisis with the West.

Lavrov also stressed that “the United States, the United States and NATO want to establish military stepping stones around Russia”. On the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO, he said: “Russia will not accept the emergence of the alliance on the Russian borders.”

“Moscow demands that security problems be solved on the basis of balanced interests,” he said. He also warned that “Moscow’s patience with the West’s measures is exhausted and we are awaiting the response from the other side”.

Lavrov said “the West’s arms supply to Ukraine is pushing Kiev to use force in the Donbass region”, adding that “Russia has never threatened the Ukrainian people”.

On Thursday, the Polish foreign minister warned that Europe was in danger of entering in war, while Russia claimed it had not yet given up on diplomacy, but military experts were preparing options in bankruptcy to calm tensions over Ukraine.

Russia said the dialogue is continuing, but has reached a dead end as it seeks to persuade the West to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO and stop the expansion of the alliance in Europe, demands that the United States described as impossible.

“At this point, it’s really frustrating,” Russian Ambassador Alexander Lukashevich told reporters after the meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation. in Europe, the third stage in a series of East-West talks this week.

He warned of “catastrophic consequences” if the two sides disagreed on what Russia has called security red lines, but added that Moscow has not yet given up on diplomacy, but would rather speed it up.

In Washington, the White House said the risk of a Russian invasion of Ukraine remains high, with nearly 100,000 Russian troops deployed, and the United States will release intelligence within 24 hours indicating that Russia may seek to create a pretext to justify the invasion.

“The drums of war are ringing loudly and the tone of the rhetoric is growing stronger,” said Michael Carpenter, US Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation. in Europe, after talks with Russia in Vienna.

For his part, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters, “The risk of a military invasion is high,” adding, “No dates have been set for further talks. We must first consult with allies and partner”.

Russia has repeatedly denied it intends to invade Ukraine, but the military buildup has forced the United States and its allies to negotiate with Moscow.

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