Russia: Washington continues to develop its biological weapons capabilities

On Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry accused Washington of continuing to develop its biological weapons capabilities.

The commander of the protection forces against radiological, chemical and biological weapons at the Russian Defense Ministry, General Igor Kirillov, said John Bolton, a former US national security adviser, participated in the preparation of a document for the production of biological weapons to modernize the US military.

He also clarified that Bolton believes that through this program he will ensure US leadership and control in the world.

Kirillov added: “The studies in course in the United States to improve the characteristics of disease-causing microorganisms make us reconsider and reflect on the statements of US administration officials on addressing biological threats, including John Bolton, who served as national security adviser.”

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This came after Russia on Thursday renewed its charge against Ukraine of conducting military biological experiments under US sponsorship and direction.

In a press conference on Thursday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov confirmed that his country has all the prove of military biological experiments that Kyiv is leading.

In addition, he pointed out that military biological laboratories in Ukraine are being funded by Washington, underscoring that Moscow is working to expose the details of those experiments.

On March 6, Russia announced that its military had found out prove of US-funded military biological programs in Ukraine, including documents confirming the development of biological weapons components.

However, Kiev and Washington have openly denied the matter.

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