Russia: We destroyed 39 Ukrainian military sites in one day!

After major movements in the past few hours, the spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov, announced that the Russian air force had destroyed 39 Ukrainian military sites in the past 24 hours.

He remarked in detail that his forces had hit 39 Ukrainian military sites, including two command centers and 36 gathering areas for military personnel and military equipment, noting that Russian air defense systems had shot down a Ukrainian “Tochka-O” missile and intercepted 9 “Smerch” missiles on the territory of Donetsk and in the Kharkov region, in Ukraine.

Aim at high-precision missiles.

He also continued in a press conference on Tuesday that Russian air defense systems had shot down a Ukrainian drone near the town of Rodnya in the Chernigov region, noting that high-precision missiles had targeted three radars, a S-300 air defense and a “Tochka-” missile launcher. Or, an Osa air defense system and three Grad launchers.

He also explained that Russian missile and artillery forces destroyed 11 command centers, 54 positions for the stationing of Ukrainian artillery units and two fuel depots, as well as 342 fortified points and areas for the concentration of forces and equipment, and eliminated 190 members and destroyed 31 military vehicles, according to his words.

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Russian invasion attempt

These developments came as the correspondent of “Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath” confirmed, on Tuesday, the movement of Russian military convoys to the city of Avdiivka, a stronghold of the Ukrainian army in the breakaway Donetsk region in the east. of the country.

He added that Russian and Donetsk forces are trying to storm the city of Avdiivka, noting that Ukrainian forces bomb the territory on a daily basis, which Russia has only recognized as separate from Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the governor of the Donetsk region announced that at least 9 civilians were killed by Russian fire in the eastern Ukraine region on Tuesday.

Donetsk Governor Pavlo Kirilenko wrote in the Telegram app that at least three civilians were killed during the aerial bombardment of Avdiivka.

He also indicated that three others were killed in the bombing of the city of Voldar, while three were killed in the bombing of the city of Liman.

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The Ukrainian president’s office said today that other areas of Donetsk are constantly under fire and that the region’s authorities are trying to evacuate civilians from frontline areas, according to Reuters.

Interestingly, at the end of March, Russia launched the second phase of its military operation in eastern Ukraine, focusing on the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, following its withdrawal from the vicinity of the capital Kiev.

These areas are of strategic importance to Moscow, especially since their control – knowing that Russian-backed separatists already control parts of them – will allow Russian forces to obtain a land bridge linking eastern Ukraine to Crimea, which it annexed in 2014. .

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