Russia: We Will Regard any Assault on Crimea by Ukraine as an Attack on Our Nation

Russian Ambassador warns against sending F-16 jets to Ukraine

NATO’s involvement questioned

Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov stressed that sending F-16 fighter jets in Ukraine would raise questions about NATO’s involvement in the conflict.

He said in remarks posted on the embassy channel’s Telegram app on Monday that any Ukrainian attack on the Crimean peninsula would be considered an attack on Russia, according to Reuters.

United States’ response

He also clarified that “it is important for the United States to be fully aware of the Russian response (to any such attack).”

Attacks with American weapons

Attacks with American weapons

These statements come after US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan revealed that the US doesn’t mind Ukraine launching attacks on Crimea using American weapons, as it is “occupied Ukrainian territory,” according to his statement. statement.

In an interview with ‘CNN’ on Sunday, he said, ‘We do not place any restrictions on Ukraine to target lands located within its internationally recognized borders,’ considering that ‘Crimea, a in our view, it is Ukrainian territory.”

However, at the same time, he stressed that the United States does not support launching Ukrainian strikes using NATO weapons against the Russian rear.

F-16 aircraft

F-16 aircraft

Interestingly, after the via given by Washington to the supply of F-16s to Kiev, US President Joe Biden said on Sunday that his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, had given Washington a “categorical guarantee” that the F-16s would not would attack Russian territory. .

He told reporters on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Hiroshima, in Japan: “I have an adamant assurance from Zelensky that they will not use the fighters to target Russian territory, but will use them to target Russian forces inside Ukraine and the region.”

Historic decision

Historic decision.

This came after Biden and Zelensky held a meeting on Sunday, days after the US president gave the via free to allies to deliver American-made F-16 fighters to Ukraine, in a decision its Ukrainian counterpart deemed “historic”.

Washington will now support a joint initiative by its allies to train Ukrainian pilots on F-16s. During the period of this training, which will last for months, the West will decide when and how many aircraft will be delivered, as well as the countries that will supply them.