Russia: We will respond with “stronger weapon” if Western weapons are supplied to Ukraine

The spokesman of the Russian State Duma has threatened to respond with “more powerful weapons” if the West supplies Ukraine with weapons and strikes Russian territory with them.

Vyacheslav Volodin wrote in Telegram today, Sunday: “Provide weapons offensive to the Kiev regime will lead to a global catastrophe. And if Washington and NATO countries deliver weapons that will be used for attacks on cities and attempts to seize our lands, while threatening, this will lead to retaliatory actions with “more powerful” weapons.

The State Duma spokesman added that members of the US Congress, deputies of the German Bundestag, the French National Assembly and other European parliaments “must realize their responsibility towards humanity”.

He continued, “Washington and Brussels are leading the world with their decisions in a horrible war, in completely different hostilities from the hostilities we are witnessing today, when the attacks are carried out exclusively on the military and vital infrastructure used by the regime of Kyiv .”

Volodin added: “Given the technological superiority of Russian weapons, it is necessary for foreign politicians, who make such decisions, to realize that this could end in a global tragedy that will destroy their countries”.

This comes as the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania issued a joint call on Germany yesterday, Saturday, to send its main battle tanks in Ukraine, which increases the pressure on Berlin to move faster to help Kiev in its war against Russia.

The Estonian foreign minister said on Twitter: “We, the foreign ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, are calling on Germany to now supply Ukraine with Leopard tanks. This is necessary to stop Russian aggression, help Ukraine and quickly bring back the pace in Europe. Germany has a special responsibility in this sense as the first European power.” .

The statement was released a day after Germany and its Western allies failed to make a decision on whether Berlin would agree to send its Leopard 2 tanks in Ukraine or allow other countries that own them to do so.

The Russian military operation in Ukraine in February last year raised fears in the small Baltic states, all NATO members, that they would also be attacked by Moscow.

For its part, Ukraine on Saturday expressed its regret over the “hesitation” of Western countries to supply it with heavy tanks, despite massive batches of new weapons announced by allies.

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