Russia will get offspring from a cloned cow

A cow cloned in the Moscow region has given birth for the first time in Russia.

On Friday, January 13, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Moscow Region reported that the heifer was born healthy and weighed 40 kilograms. She added that a heifer named Dekapristka “December Girl” was born on December 30th.

The press service quotes Georgy Filimonov, Deputy Head of the Government of the Moscow Region, as saying: “Genome editing technology can only be developed if cloned animals are capable of producing viable offspring. Therefore, the birth of the first offspring from a cloned cow is a great achievement for scientists in the Moscow Region. The health of two animals ( mother and newborn) are good and they are under the constant supervision of veterinary specialists at the Center for Scientific Research in the Field of Animal Husbandry “Arntest” .

A spokesman for the ministry said that the first specimen of cattle was obtained in Russia in April 2020 at the aforementioned scientific center with somatic cell nuclei that were used as donor cells. The newborn heifer received its name “Venus” from the name of the cell line that was used as a donor nucleus in the cloning process.

According to the ministry, cloning using genetically modified somatic cells is now considered the basic technological platform for modifying the genomes of cattle and other farm animals. In this regard, experts are conducting research aimed at improving important links in the genetic technological chain.

The press service added that the results obtained indicate the need for additional research on the development of somatic cloning as a basic technological platform in the process of genetic engineering of animal husbandry.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda