Russian Air Defense Destroyed US Artillery Shell in Toughest Air Defense Mission

Russian defenses in the Ukrainian Sumy region were able to intercept a 155 mm American artillery shell, which is a very difficult task, since artillery and mortar shells cannot be intercepted due to their small size and speed.

This was announced by the representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

It is noteworthy that Russian air defense systems regularly destroy HIMARS missiles launched by HIMARS long-range launchers, as well as aircraft and drones of all kinds.

But destroying an artillery shell is very difficult and much more difficult than shooting down a plane or a helicopter or even intercepting a missile, because the size of a missile is much smaller than the size of a missile, for example, and it flies at a higher speed.

For example, the American-made M777 Excalibur howitzer fires its projectile at 827 meters per second (equivalent to about Mach 3), and the missile stays in the air for only 48 seconds when fired at a distance of 40 km. In such a short period of time, it is very difficult to calculate its trajectory, direct and launch a missile that intercepts it. Only a very limited number of air defense systems can achieve this.

It is reported that destroying Excalibur ammunition is very profitable from an economic point of view, because one such projectile costs 160 thousand dollars.

Source: Russian newspaper