Russian ambassador in America: Washington is increasingly embroiled in war in Ukraine

Russian Ambassador in Washington Anatoly Antonov Says US Is Increasingly “Engaged” in Conflict in Ukraine and ignore Russia’s concerns expressed through all channels.

He also added: “The consequences of the increased arms supplies to Kiev are truly unpredictable”, noting that “the United States completely ignores our concerns, which we communicate to our interlocutors through all available channels”, according to reports from ” Newsweek”. newspaper today, sunday.

And he stressed that concrete steps taken by the White House are steadily increasing risks by “sending more and more powerful weapons,” which indicates Washington is trying to step up, he said.

275 million dollars

These statements came after US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan announced that the United States would announce new military aid to Ukraine in the coming days to counter the Russian operation in the country. in addition to those announced last week.

On Tuesday, Sullivan said Washington had announced earlier military aid to Ukraine worth $275 million, noting that “new aid will be announced in the coming days.”

And the US Department of Defense (The Pentagon) announced that the aid package, announced on the 9th of this month, confirms the US commitment to provide Ukraine with security assistance, including air defense capabilities and other battlefield requirements.

Advanced American weapons can change the balance of warfare in Ukraine.. What are they?

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Missiles and armored vehicles

Informed sources said a week ago that President Joe Biden’s administration will soon announce a new $275 million military aid package for Ukraine.

The sources indicated that the aid package would include means to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense system and deal with drones.

The United States should also supply Ukraine with HIMARS missiles, Humvee armored vehicles and power generators.

Weapons and military equipment are also expected to be delivered from Pentagon warehouses, according to Reuters.

Interestingly, since the beginning of the Russian military operation on the territory of the western neighbor on February 24, Washington and its European allies have been pouring military aid into Kiev, supplying Ukrainian forces with advanced and accurate missiles, as well as anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles.

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