Russian artillery destroys positions of Ukrainian forces in direction of Zaporizhia

The Russian special military operation continues in Ukraine on Saturday as Russian army units attempt to establish control and strike positions of Ukrainian forces as Kiev continues to hold out and receives material and military support from the West in the face of bear Russia.

In the latest developments in the field, i media Russians reported that a group of self-propelled guns “Akatsia” of the Russian Armed Forces destroyed the artillery positions of Ukrainian militants on the front in direction of Zabordzhia. And the correspondent of the “Sputnik” agency quoted the commander of the artillery unit in the Russian forces as saying: “The mission is to destroy the support equipment. We set off with two crews, took up a firing position. The target is was seen from a quadrocopter drone. We fired and the target was hit.”

A source from the Russian law enforcement agencies reported the arrival of a joint detachment of Polish intelligence and special forces officers, dressed in Ukrainian uniforms and under the command of NATO, in the city of Marganets, located near Dnipropetrovsk, to identify local residents who are helping Russia. “Their main job, they say, is to filter and clean up people who help Russia,” the source added.

This comes as British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly stated, in an interview with The Telegraph newspaper that Russian President Vladimir Putin could take advantage of the talks pace with Russian soldiers in Ukraine to re-equip its forces before launching another attack.

The newspaper reported that Cleverly revealed fears that Putin could pretend to be involved in the negotiations when in it was actually training more troops and sending more ammunition.

The newspaper quoted Cleverly as saying there is a possibility that “Putin will only take advantage of the ceasefire to train more forces, produce more munitions and re-equip and arm his armed forces after the damage they have sustained.”

On the ground, the Kherson region governor said on Friday that three were killed and seven wounded in Russian shelling of the region in southern Ukraine during the previous 24 hours.

The local governor wrote on his Telegram app that the regional capital, Kherson, which was liberated by Ukrainian forces in mid-November, and other parts of the region were shelled 42 times during those hours.

Meanwhile, Russian-installed officials in Donetsk said three people died on Friday after Ukrainian forces shelled the city in eastern Ukraine.

Russia has recently stepped up its campaign to cut off supplies of energy, water and heating to Ukrainian cities. Ukraine and the West say this strategy deliberately harms civilians and considers it a war crime, while Moscow denies it.

Moscow has rejected US President Joe Biden’s terms for negotiations on Ukraine with President Putin.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow was not ready to start talks if Washington’s condition was for Russia to leave Ukraine.

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