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Russian automatic mortars take part in a special operation in Ukraine

The Russian army uses an 82-mm Vasilyuk automatic mortar in the military operation in Ukraine, which can fire in bursts.

Designer Viktor Filippov used recoil energy to reconstruct the cannon, which was rebuilt from a barrel. Industrial production of the gun began in 1970, and its model “2B9” was widely used in Afghanistan, where it demonstrated its excellent efficiency due to its rate of fire of 300 rounds per minute.

At that time, the principle of water cooling was used in the gun, and then the designers decided to abandon the difficult-to-maintain water cooling and switched to the modernized 2B9M model, where the excess rate of fire was reduced to 120 rounds. per minute, and the barrel size has been increased.

The mortar can outgrow from the barrel. It is also possible to fire bursts containing all 3 mines placed in one cassette.

Vasilyuk has 3 firing systems: the first is manual, which can fire single shots after the cannon is assembled from the barrel, the second is a semi-automatic system that fires single shots from a cassette, and the third is automatic. a system that ejects queues from a cassette.

“Vasilyuk” is the only mortar in the world capable of direct fire using a panoramic sight.

The weight of the gun is 632 kg, the transition time from traveling to combat mode is 90 seconds, the number of crew members is 4 people, the rate of fire is 120 rounds per minute, the maximum range of ballistic fire was 800 meters, the maximum range of direct throwing was 4270 meters.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, China bought a license to manufacture the Vasilyuk mortar and named the Chinese version of the gun Model 99.

Source: Russian newspaper


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