Russian bombing intensifies and Ukraine declares an air alert status

Pending new Russian raids, the Ukrainian army general staff announced on Tuesday the state of air alert in all over the country.

In a statement, the authority announced that the Russian military has focused its efforts on preventing Ukrainian forces from carrying out operations offensive in an effort to keep the areas it had conquered.

He added that the Russians did not stop the attempts of attacks in the regions of the city of “Avdiivka” and the city of “Bakhmut”.

Dozens of shots

He also indicated that the Russian military has launched 60 missile attacks, 15 air strikes and more than 45 multi-launcher attacks in the past 24 hours.

It revealed that the infrastructure of numerous cities and towns, including the cities of “Solidar” and “Vohlidar” and the villages of “Yakovlevka” and “Vesily” in the Donetsk region, had been severely damaged due to the recent strikes.

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Russia is betting on the collapse of Western support

These developments came as Russian forces continued their attacks on the lands of neighboring Ukraine as part of its military operation that began last February.

This comes amid Western expectations that Russian President Vladimir Putin will seek to continue conventional military operations in Ukraine to keep the lands it currently occupies under its control and to acquire new land, provided it sets the conditions leading to the collapse of Western support for Ukraine, which is likely to occur this winter, in the midst of the global energy crisis.

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