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Russian defense reveals a new path that can disrupt communication stations "Starlink"

The Russian Defense Ministry for the first time revealed the work of the Musket drone crews in the area of ​​​​the special operation, indicating that this march is designed to close control channels and prevent the transmission of information by the enemy.

This type of drone is also used for wireless, electronic and optoelectronic reconnaissance, as well as for the detection and suppression of cellular communication stations.

One of the commanders of the communication groups said: “We are identifying Ukrainian military units and individuals who are aiming aircraft at their forces and making adjustments to artillery fire. We also identify the sources of radio transmissions, determine their location and coordinates, and transmit this information. in fire strike groups.

The representative of the Ministry of Defense said that the Mosquito march was developed on the basis of the Russian-made Orlan drone and is equipped with additional electronic units. He explained that this aerial method of electronic warfare is used in the combat area to prevent the enemy from controlling his own forces by influencing communication centers of command posts remote from the front line.

In addition, the drone operator can switch from electronic warfare to aerial reconnaissance and, using a video camera, to direct artillery strikes.

Source: TASS


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