Russian dissident Navali is on hunger strike

Alexei Navalny, a Russian dissident who is serving a two-year prison sentence, announced on Wednesday that he was serving in went on a hunger strike until he suffered from acute back pain and numbness in the legs receive adequate medical care.

“I kicked in a hunger strike to die Demanding compliance with the law and allowing an outside doctor to visit me, “wrote Navalny on his Instagram account, adding that instead of treatment, he was” subjected to torture by being deprived of sleep “.

Confirmed last week die Russian prison authorities said Navalny’s condition was “satisfactory” after people close to him stated that he had been in poor health since his arrival in a prison in who is serving his sentence, worsened.

“On March 24th, medical examinations were carried out at the request of the detainees,” they said die Prison authorities informed Russian news agencies, adding that the condition of Alexei Navalny “was considered stable and satisfactory”.

Expressed on Wednesday die Navalny allies concerned about his deteriorating health while his lawyers said they should not be allowed to visit him in prison.

The dissident, an anti-corruption activist, is serving his sentence in Prison No. 2 in Pokrov, 100 km from Moscow. He compared this prison to “concentration camps”.

He was last January after returning to Russia after months in Arrested Germany where he was recovering from poisoning, die the Kremlin had accused of having mastered it.

He was in sentenced to two and a half years in prison for a 2014 fraud case that he believes is politically directed against him, and faces multiple legal action against him.

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