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Russian emergency: fire in a fuel depot near the border


A fire broke out in a large fuel depot in a Russian town near the Ukrainian border, according to Russian authorities, without specifying any cause.

The Russian emergency ministry said today, Monday, that “a fire has broken out in a fuel depot in Transneft Bryansk Druzhba in Bryansk “, the city located 150 kilometers from the Ukrainian border and is used as a logistical base for Russian forces fighting on Ukrainian territory, according to Russian news agencies.

huge fire

The official announcement came after several reports of a massive fire in the prime hours of this morning in an oil storage facility in Bryansk, which is located about 380 km southwest of Moscow and is the administrative center of the Bryansk region on the border with Ukraine, according to Reuters.

On Thursday, Russian officials announced Ukrainian helicopters bombed residential buildings, injuring seven people. in that area.

Don’t tolerate threats

While Moscow has repeatedly stressed, since the beginning of its military operations on the territory of its western neighbor, on February 24, that it will not tolerate any threat to the border towns, including, of course, those which form the logistical bases for its Strength.

Especially since the Russian military is currently focusing its efforts on eastern Ukraine, as it seeks to control the Donbass region, after taking control of Mariupol, making it easier for its forces to move between the east and Crimea, that Russia annexed to its territory in 2014.

And the Russian defense ministry announced last week that it has launched the second phase of its military operation in the east, describing it as a mission, seeking a decisive victory, especially since its forces have not been in able to control many large Ukrainian cities despite the passage of more than two months of battles, Western officials confirmed.

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