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Russian Foreign Ministry: It is illegal to propose to send our frozen funds in Ukraine


The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the proposal to send our funds frozen in Ukraine is illegal.

The statements by the Russian Foreign Ministry come after the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, recently called for the confiscation of the assets of the Russians subject to sanctions to use them after being frozen to repair the damage caused by Russia due to the ongoing war. leading against Ukraine.

Charles Michel said the European Union should confiscate and sell frozen Russian assets that had been seized in earlier and “use the financial proceeds to rebuild and rebuild Ukraine,” he said.

The European official’s suggestion echoes an idea already widespread in the United States: in April, the administration of US President Joe Biden proposed using the assets confiscated from Russian oligarchs to compensate Ukraine for the damage caused by the invasion Russian of the country. The White House said at the time that “this would allow” the transfer of all proceeds from the looted assets to Ukraine to compensate for the damage caused to Ukraine as a result of Russian aggression.

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